Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Won TVFXQ Live Concert tickets!

Yeah!! Got an email this morning that I've just been selected as one of the winner of the Pizza Hut E-Message TVFXQ Rising Sun Concert Contest.

Got myself 2 tickets to catch TVFXQ live in concert on 14th July 2006, 8pm Putra Stadium, Bukit Jalil.

Well... too bad I can't attend it. Giving the tickets to my younger sister in Sunway. I seem to always have this luck... winning things, but cannot enjoy them. Why must the prize always revolve around the Klang Valley area? :p

That reminds me... Alvin, how was your holiday at the resort in Kajang?

Nevertheless, I'm still happy to win! ;D

Friday, June 30, 2006

My Big Day!

Yes... it's the time of the year, and it is my BIG DAY again! :D

Nothing is as great as your special day! *lol*

I have a really sweet celebration this year. Well, first of all, a bunch of my gym friends celebrated together in a mass birthday style for all the June birthday people. Yup.. I know, others are doing mass wedding while we are inventing our own mass birthday style *wink*

Not to forget my special someone, since he has got me some presents way way earlier.. a handbag and watch bracelet this year ;-), so I thought I'll just be having a 'predictable' dinner and movie with him tonight. Yup, Superman Returns for me :D. Well, it doesn't stop there actually, I got a surprise yesterday when he presented me, 8 origami roses. There's a unique touch to that, as I'm not a 'fresh flower' person. I always thought that unless for special occasions, buying fresh flowers are a waste of money ;-p.

For those who are interested in how to make the roses, here's the link:

There's more to come, this morning, my colleagues gave me a surprise too. Got a monkey soft toy as present and birthday cake for breakfast. Oh yea, Pizza Hut for lunch too. Hahaha.. all my forbidden fattening food.

What more can I ask right? But something is still in store for me tomorrow. My old uni friends are planning a surprise for me too. I'm to make myself available from dinner time onwards. But no one wanna tell me what's the plan. Sigh... I'm getting worried on what's the forthcoming torture :S

Hehehe.. just kidding!

Now, it's time to enjoy... office hours over... but pity my monkey...


Thursday, June 15, 2006

Is this love?

I have always believe that in a relationship ...

A couple in love should not be clinging to each other for self nourishment.

Instead ...

They should be able to function as two independent individuals, and still able to inject energy into the relationship, into each other, thus making a whole new 'combined' entity ;-)

Therefore, I have always prided myself in knowing that I am still able to initiate and do my own self-improvement, as that's what I want and what I need. Boyfriend's support is NOT about him prodding and guiding me to better myself, but his support means that he is there for me at times when I am lagging behind from what I aimed for earlier. He'll be there as the subtle reminder, quietly strengthening my resolution.

However, why do I feel something is missing whenever he's not around me? It can range from a short time, such as few hours, to maybe lasting a few days. It's not that I need him to 'nourish' me and it's not just the mere feeling of missing him ...

but ...

I do feel that as the time slowly ticks away, signifying the duration that he's apart from me, I can feel that my 'energy' is slowly ebbing away too. I'll still be able to function as an individual, continuing with my life but then the things I do, become more and more meaningless, as more and more 'energy' seeps away.

Perhaps that's love ... maybe not something corny like "he's my soulmate", and though the movie line "he completes me" rings true, but this is more like I felt he is part of me, and I really cannot live without him. If I can't spend my lifetime with him, I will prefer to spend it alone.

So what can I say about this 'love'? Nah, I won't say it's a good or a bad thing, but one thing I know for sure is that I'm glad that I love him with all my heart. It'll be utterly meaningless though if this is not reciprocated, or if it's in a one-way direction, therefore I feel that I'm sooooooo blessed that I got his undivided love too. I have never feel someone love me as deeply as he does.

So here, what I would like to say is... I'm confirmed that he's THE ONE. And yes, I'm getting married to him!!! Yeah!!!

p.s. Psttt...and we just got our wedding bands too ;-) With no objections from both sides of our parents on the wedding... Double Yeah!!!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Update on Lexi

An update on Alexia... she's growing well... getting cuter, starting on the baby talks too. So proud of her, my first niece.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Love cannot exists when ...

Love cannot exists when ...
- your partner cannot accept you for who you are.
- and when you partner love you selfishly, and not self-less-ly.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Ghostly Encounter :S

This happened to my bf yesterday. I don't know the logical explanation for it, so I'll describe as his first ever ghostly encounter :S

He stayed in the office till 11 plus pm yesterday, 11:18pm to be exact. Office is at 12 floor, and since it's pretty late, the main lights have all been switched off. So while waiting for the lift to come, at a totally darkened corridor, he heard ...

... a young girl voice, "Daddy, daddy...", and she was saying something else. The daddy is 'there' too. Responding to her, and playing with her. Luckily the voices are not near... they came from the balcony, just around the corner.

Thank gawd I called him at that time. He talked to me, so glad to be distracted. And in a short while, the lift arrived too. Nothing happened after that. But as soon as he got into the car, all the lights switched off too at the car park, and car park was in total darkness.

He was so afraid, saw him all pale when he arrived home. *sigh*

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

New arrival to my family

There's a new arrival to my family yesterday. My newly born niece.. Alexia Christine Williams! Yeah yeah! Can't wait to see her... but have to wait till the baby is a bit older before she can travel.

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